Privacy policy

Seeders is responsible for the processing and storage of personal data, as given in the current privacy statement.


When making use of our website or our services, Seeders processes some of your personal data. All of the data has been willingly committed and is subject to this statement.

We actively and/or passively process the following data:

  • First- and surname
  • Adress
  • Phone number
  • E-mailadress
  • Your activity on Seeders’ website


Our website and/or service does not intent to collect personal data of visitors under the age of sixteen, unless explicit consent has been given by a parent or guardian. Though these are our intentions, we have no way of verifying that a visitor is above the consent age. Therefore, we strongly advise parents or guardians to monitor the internet activity of their children, as to prevent the unwarranted collection of their personal data without the consent of an eligible parent or guardian. If and when you are convinced we’ve unknowingly collected data from a minor without the consent of a parent or guardian, please contact us at and we’ll purge said data from our systems as soon as possible.


Seeders processes your personal data to the following ends:

  • To process your payment
  • For sending out our newsletter and/or ad reads
  • To deliver goods or services
  • To analyse your use of and behaviour on our website, as to use these analysis to optimise our products and services and the way we offer said products and services.


Seeders never makes decisions on the basis of automated processes when these decisions have direct (sizable) consequences for persons. This concerns decisions that can be made by computer programs and/or – systems, without the involvement of a real person (like a Seeders employee). 


Seeders doesn’t store your personal data any longer than strictly necessary to achieve the goals as to why the data is being collected. 

Note: personal data, contact information and address information is strictly confidential but does get stored for a longer period of time. This information helps us effectively log previous purchases of products and services. This data can be used for promotional and administrative purposes.


Seeders solely provides your personal data to third parties and only if and when this is detrimentally necessary for the correct fulfillment of the agreement struck with the client and thus with explicit consent of said client, to adhere to lawful practices.


Seeders makes use of functional, analytical and run of the mill tracking cookies. A cookie is a small file that gets saved to your browser cache on your computer, tablet or smartphone the first time you visit The functional cookies have the sole purpose to help our website function properly, to give you an optimal, smooth experience during your visit to One of these functions, for example, is to remember your website and/or language preferences. Additionally we make use of analytical and tracking cookies to monitor your browsing behaviour, as to be able to serve you adequately tailored content and ads. 

With your first visit to we’ve presented you with these cookies and asked for you permission for the use and/or placement of these specific cookies. 

You can choose to disable cookies within the settings of your preferred browser, as to prevent the subsequent placement of other cookies. Additionally you can choose to remove all previous data that your browser collected.


You are within your rights to request a viewing of your personal data and to modify or request the removal of said data. Additionally you retain the rights to revoke your previously committed approval and/or consent or to object to any or all processing of your personal data by Seeders and you remain within your rights to request a transfer of said data. This means that you can formally submit a request with us for a transfer of any or all of the personal data we’ve collected from you in a file, to you or an organisation designated by you. 

You can submit your request for viewal, modification, deletion or transfer of your personal data and/or your revocation of your cookie approval/consent to


Seeders takes the security of your personal data seriously and always takes adequate measures to prevent the misuse, loss, unauthorised access, undesirable publication and unauthorised modification of your personal data. If you are under the impression though, that your personal data isn’t being protected on a sufficient level or you’ve registered signs of misuse of said data, please contact us immediately at


We advertise on Google- and Google partner sites. To do this, we make use of the Google Ads ecosystem. This does, however, result in us logging certain data throughout the buying process. We logg this data by making use of browser cookies. By making use of these cookies, we logg it when you click on one of our ads and, after you’ve reached checkout, we add an order value to that dataset. Additionally, we logg how many people are clicking on our ads, where they came in contact with said ad, and if they made a purchase afterwards. We simply collect this, anonymised, data to evaluate if our ads are at all relevant to you, and to subsequently evaluate the profitability of our advertising channels.

We make use of Google Ads, to be able to reach our customers at the most convenient times and to be able to cater to their wants and needs with our tailored ad content. This might include, but is not limited to, products you’ve previously viewed on our (mobile) website. To be able to facilitate ads like these, we make use of Google’s remarketing pixels. By utilising these pixels, we gain knowledge of where and how to reach you with our tailored ads; based on your behaviour on Google and Google partner sites. This pixel gives us a crude view of our customers, based on which we can subsequently tailor our ad experience. 

These tracking features may result in the pushing of our (display) ads on external websites, like the Google search engine, including but not limited to websites of competitors. You may encounter our ads on one of the two million websites included in the Google Search Network.

Please note: tracking data gets anonymised in the Google database. This essentially means that a customer receives a personal customer ID, this being the only way that you will be able to be identified by the system. Any personal data, like your email address and phone number, shall never be included in this data set. Therefore, we won’t be able to use those for commercial purposes either.

Don’t want us to be able to serve you personally tailored ad content? Simply adjust your personalisation settings with Google. You can adjust your settings on this page.


Some cookies facilitate the technical functionality of our website and the elements within. Additionally, these cookies save your personal preferences, like your cookie preferences. By making use of these cookies, we ensure that your visit to our site is as smooth and pleasant as possible. These cookies are essential for the functionality of our platform and are therefore non-consent-necessary cookies. By making use of our website, you agree to us placing these non-invasive cookies.


We make use of analytical cookies to help tailor our website and its content to the wants and needs of you as a customer. These cookies supply us with valuable insights on customer interactions that take place on our website. For the placement of these analytical cookies, we ask for your consent.


Additionally, we make use of advertising cookies. These cookies enable us to adequately cater to you, with custom tailored ads, and supply us with important insights regarding the effectiveness of or marketing efforts. We do this by establishing a customer profile. Based on your click and browsing activities we create a personal cookie-ID for you. As these cookies are categorized as tracking cookies, we ask for your consent regarding the placement of these as well.


We’ve placed some social media buttons from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well, to be able to give you the opportunity to share our pages and content on these aforementioned social media platforms. These buttons are small pieces of code, that come straight from the network itself. These buttons function like cookies. As such, they are able to register specific pieces of information, to enable us to further customize our ad experience. 

To read more about the functioning of these, including which and for how long they store the data; we’d like to refer you to the privacy statements of these platforms, as they do change every now and then. Note: all data collected by these code snippets is being anonymised before being handed off. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are situated in the United States.