Africa is becoming the fastest moving continent in the world with more than 10 countries in the top 20 fastest developing countries in the world, as a developing continent there is high consumer demand for different products and this makes Africa the continent with the highest return rate on investment which is making Africa an investment hub; Several companies and individuals are investing on the continent, and with high investment rates, and companies being created daily, every business needs a marketing strategy to be successful.

On a continent like this, with a lot of emerging businesses, a strong marketing strategy is key to brand awareness and visibility.

Digital Marketing in Africa


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    Define your Marketing Goals for Africa

    A goal is achievable, but when we say achievable we don’t mean limiting yourself, what we mean is, specifying your goals, with numbers and scaling them to know how and when they are going to be achieved.

    In Africa where everything is being developed when setting a marketing goal, you should base on different things depending on the country, where each country might have a different goal depending on the availability of resources, and the development level of the country.

    Identify your Target Audience in Africa

    Africa is a continent, not a country and this means that targeted customers in one country might want different things from the other countries, so you need to plan and know the audience you are targeting in each country.

    We identify your target audience, from age to location and all depending on the products you are providing and then we find out which marketing strategy will work better for example for customers in Rwanda, we won’t use the same marketing strategy as customers in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya or South Africa.

    Understand your Customer’s Pain Points and your Value Proposition in Africa

    Before marketing your product or service you need to know which problem it is solving to know the value you are proposing.

    In Africa, there are so many problem-solving opportunities, and products are being created to solve those problems but you need to know what are you bringing to the market different from your competitors, in short, what value are you proposing? 

    We identify your product and together define the value proposition or the selling point of your product and market it using that selling point.

    Select Marketing Channels and Allocate a Budget in Africa

    What are the interests of your target market, and where does your audience spend most of their time? Is it on social media, are they reading magazines or do they spend their time searching for things?

    When you know what your target customers are spending their time on, then it is easier to know which tools and platforms you are going to use to target your audience.

    Knowing your target audience and how to reach them is not enough, marketing is an investment you need to allocate a budget to everything for better returns.

    With our digital marketing strategy, we know whether you need to invest in SEA, SEO or social media advertising.

    Decide on the Messaging, Creatives and Implementation Plan for Africa

    When we know your target audience, what interests them, how to reach them, and the tools and platforms we will be using, the only thing remaining is the marketing materials, and then implementing the plan.

    A good massage stays in the mind of the receiver, and one which makes the recipient want to visit your website, a good message attracts the mind of the reader,

    Together we develop an excellent selling message for your targeted customers and the message is original and creative together we decide which marketing method we will use, whether videos or blogs or any other marketing materials and with our digital marketing strategy you can achieve your goal.