International achievements for Just Carpets: an increase of 25% in organic visitors in The Netherlands and Germany

With webshops in The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, and France, Just Carpets is a leading player in the European market for car mats. With broad offerings in car and trunk mats, Just Carpets can supply mats for any car brand and model. Besides that, the car mats are being 100% tailor-made based on brand, model, and year of construction. In the summer of 2019, Seeders developed a strategy to achieve top rankings in organic search results across the countries of operations.

Just Carpets is a producer active in the market for car and trunk mats since 2009. Over the years, the company has evolved to become a leading international player that delivers thousands of car mats every month. Every car and trunk mat is produced in its own facilities located in the city of Kampen. Using their production methodologies, they can deliver their promise of top quality for a fair price with speedy delivery.

The challenge: becoming the strongest international player in the field of car mats in organic search results across The Netherlands, Germany, and France

The growing international footprint of Just Carpets required them to have local webshops that are visible in the organic search results of Google in the respective markets. This is the perfect scenario to leverage our international network. As a start, we created a plan for the webshops active in The Netherlands, Germany, and France.

Different countries require different types of strategies to succeed. We researched the best approaches for these three countries. The challenge was setting up link-building strategies across these markets to ensure top rankings in organic search results of Google to increase the visibility of Just Carpets.

A link-building strategy focused on ranking growth

To build the strategies, we started to analyze Google Search Console and Ahrefs to identify search volumes and relevant keywords for,, and We selected the keywords with the highest search volumes and identified the landing pages created for these keywords. The strategy focused on two elements: on one hand, our SEO specialist Gerjan Schoenmaker was working with internal links on the Just Carpets website and looked ‘under the hood’ to improve technicalities on the site. On the other hand, Seeders worked to create authority for Just Carpets through link-building. This allowed us to capture the three core elements of SEO: technology, content, and authority. We have also trained the Just Carpets team to work on SEO activities. This allowed us to work together in optimizing the landing pages from both a technical and SEO dimension.

Based on the link profiles of the three webshops, link-building strategies have been developed for the markets. The concept behind the link-building strategy for The Netherlands and Germany revolved around the use of qualitative links and expanding the number of referring websites. We chose a combination of relevant links from both platforms in the car industry as well as mass links from start pages and forums. In France, we chose to move forward with qualitative links from relevant blogs from domains with high quality. There is a need for high-quality links and a vast amount of referring domains to improve the link profile and, in turn, the Google rankings. By increasing the number of qualitative links, the domain became more authoritative overall and specifically on keywords regarding car mats and trunk mats. This approach has been executed monthlyby and steered where needed.

Nearly 30% more displays in Germany through a broad range of top rankings

The SEO activities carried out in Germany have paid off, with a vast increase in top rakings across important keywords. Through the growth in top rankings, realized an increase of 27% in displays compared to the same period (January to March) last year. The number of clicks increased by 21% in the same period. We reached the key milestone in February 2021, when we realized the top 3 rankings for 42 keywords in the organic search results.

(Number of organic clicks to from Jan to March 2019 & 202. Source: Google Search Console)

As discussed, the rankings of the German webshop have been through rapid growth. This can be accounted for the number of referring domains that have been added in the past 10 months. A combination of qualitative links on relevant domains and controlled mass links through forums have resulted in strong growth in the number of referring domains to

(Number of referring domains to Source: Ahrefs)

The number of displays of increased by 53% compared to last year

The Dutch webshop went through a similar growth trajectory. That becomes evident when analyzing the number of top 3 positions before and after the link-building campaign.

(The number of top 3 positions for Source: Analysis)

The increase in top rankings has resulted in an increase of displays of 53% compared to the same period last year (January to March). The number of clicks has increased with 25% compared to 2019.

(Number of displays of from January to March 2019 and 2020. Source: Google Search Console)

The great results and achievement of top rankings in organic results are a product of a good collaboration between Seeders and Just Carpets. By optimizing the technical and content elements of the website, a strong foundation for growth has been created.

The increase in top rankings can also be accounted to the link-building strategy followed. By using mass links from start pages combined with blog articles on high-quality domains, Seeders was able to boost the link profile of This also becomes evident when analyzing the increase of referring domains below.

Increase of Just Carpets visitors in The Netherlands and Germany

The link-building strategy that has been defined in The Netherlands, Germany, and France resulted in strong results. This becomes evident when analyzing a large number of top rankings and the significant increase in clicks. The collaboration between specialists of Just Carpets and Seeders and our strong international link-building network have made turned this project into a success.