Rwanda is ranked second in Africa for ease of doing business and second in the world for ease of property registration, and it only takes 24 hours to register a business there. This makes Rwanda the ideal business hub for both Africa and the rest of the world.

With so many business opportunities in Rwanda, companies are relocating there and opening branches, while others are starting from scratch.

In Kigali alone, there are gardens with free wifi, bus stations with free internet, and buses with free wifi. Since Rwanda is one of the countries that offer free wifi in most sections of the nation, you can also easily charge your device in any of those locations. 

In Rwanda, where anybody can easily access the internet, what other ideal marketing method should businesses use?

You have the chance to establish a brand in Rwanda and triumph over your rivals by utilising our digital marketing plan.


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    Social Media in Rwanda

    With Rwanda’s target to at least have one smartphone in each household and with almost half of Rwanda’s population being internet users, Social media users in Rwanda are increasing daily and Social media is becoming an advertisement tool for most businesses in Rwanda

    We use social media as a platform to create backlinks for you through our network of influencers. With Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin being the leading social media platforms in Rwanda, our social media marketing strategy brings traffic to your website, while also creating for you a strong online presence.

    Search Engine Marketing in Rwanda

    With Search Engine Marketing not yet so popular in Rwanda, this is the best time to be among the pioneers, and profit from what businesses in other countries have been profiting from.

    We go beyond the expectations and the easily available data and use data science to customise the type of search engine campaign needed to attract the right people to your business.

    We set up for you pay-per-click advertising campaigns, which means that you are using search engines to advertise your products and only pay for the results you get.

    Search Engine Optimization for Rwanda

    Before using any other resources we should first use the ones we have at hand, almost any business has a website, but did you know that your website has the potential to attract more clients for your business by just optimising it for search engines?

    With free internet accessibility in some parts of Rwanda, most people in Rwanda are using the internet, and that means that they are also using search engines to gather certain information.

    We guide you through content creation, with strong relevant keywords that your customers are using on search engines to find the best backlinks for your website and this approach ranks your website top on search engines

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    Digital PR in Rwanda

    Blogging is growing in Rwanda and so is internet media, with many of Rwanda’s news media going online, publishing their content online and with so many online news websites being created in Rwanda our network of publishers and bloggers is widening.

    With this opportunity, Digital PR is a growing field in Rwanda, and businesses are learning to use and profit from it.

    Nowadays in Rwanda press releases are being published by almost every company, but not every press release is not worth being published by journalists.

    With us, you can create strong press releases based on data and facts, which in return get the attention of journalists and is published in news media this creates solid backlinks for your business and also creates brand awareness to a large audience.

    Link Building in Rwanda

    Digital marketing in Rwanda is advancing but with websites, it is still low, website owners still think owning a website is enough, but the most difficult part of it all, is getting traffic on your website, with link building a website has high chances of ranking top on search engines. 

    We analyse your target customers’ habits on search engines, and which blogs interest them, and then help you create blog posts which are backed up by data, which journalists and bloggers are willing to share.

    And this strategy creates solid backlinks for your business.

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