Marketing is crucial for the success of new businesses and existing ones. In this modern world, where African buyers have specific demands, some companies are profiting from the African digital transformation, such as the growing trend of digital marketing in Africa, while others are not.

Smart Africa is the new trend where everything is being digitised. The African market is growing, which means there are a growing number of opportunities in the marketing sector. With the African free continental trade area, businesses are being created and others are moving to the continent. This is the best time to utilise the fast-growing accessibility of technology and benefit from it.

There is no better marketing strategy in Africa other than digital marketing since the continent is moving towards digitalisation and more people are having access to technology. With digital marketing in Africa, it is easier to reach a bigger number of people and get immediate feedback from your customers.

Isn’t it amazing to keep up with your client’s needs and wants and market your products to them while sitting in the comfort of your home or office?

With Seeders Africa, we make digital marketing easy through our services, which include Search Engine Advertising in Africa, Search Engine Optimization in Africa, Digital PR in Africa and Link Building within Africa. We also provide you with reports which help you in decision-making.


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    Now at the centre of digital marketing in Africa is your website, and that is where Search Engine Optimization in Africa comes in, with top ranking on search engines.

    Search engine optimization is not just the content on your website, it is more than that. In Africa, where almost every business has a website, and people are using search engines to search for products and services. It is crucial for a business website to rank high on search engines.

    With our search optimization in Africa Strategy, we optimise your website and ensure it gets visibility on search engines, which increases organic traffic to your website.

    Our strategy includes, but is not limited to, analysing your website and understanding what needs to be done on the technical part of it but also on the content part of it. We also analyse your competitors to better understand what they are doing better but also learn from them and advise you on how you can do better to occupy the top positions on search engines.


    With the development of technology on the African continent, people use search engines to look for specific products. What is a better time to use search engine advertising in Africa other than now?

    In this era where every decision is data centred. We don’t only base our decision on just viewing your website, and you shouldn’t either. Instead, we dig deeper by analysing and understanding your target audience and what attracts them. We also focus on your performance on search engines, traffic potential on keywords you are ranking for, and so on.

    This helps us to understand and set up the Ads campaigns relevant to your business and your target audience.

    Search Engine Advertising is part of digital marketing in Africa where we help you get paid traffic to your website.


    With so many media in Africa finding their way to the internet, Digital PR in Africa is one of the digital marketing strategies in Africa which are growing fast.

    With digital PR in Africa, we analyse your business, do research and create strong press releases backed up by data which will in return create news value and make it worth being posted by journalists. Hence creating brand visibility to a bigger audience with the potential of turning them into clients for your business.


    Link building in Africa is at the heart of digital marketing in Africa. Every website needs strong backlinks to rank high on search engines. As blog sites are increasing in Africa, so is our network of publishers and bloggers.

    What better way to give information to your customers than storytelling and blogging? But remember, not every story or blog is worth reading. Now for us, we believe that strong data can make every story good if tailored to your target customers’ needs.

    With Nice content on your website, we help you secure backlinks to your website. The more websites that are referencing your website through backlinks, the more visibility your website gets and also the more traffic it gets.

    With our Link building in Africa strategy, we use links with the highest authority, which comes from news websites and bloggers. This is achievable through our network of publishers in every niche but also through the creation of high-quality blogs.

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