Digital marketing in Africa is the way forward for businesses in Africa, while everything is being digitised and technology is being advanced, digital marketing is the best marketing strategy since it is easier to reach a bigger number of people, and get immediate feedback from your customers.

Smart Africa is the new trend. Everything in Africa is being digitised, The African market is growing, which means there is a growing door of opportunities in Africa, and with the African free continental trade area businesses are being created and moving to the continent.

Advertisement is crucial for the success of new businesses and already existing businesses, In this modern world where African buyers are looking for specific products to satisfy the growing demand in the region, while some businesses are profiting from the African digital transformation others are not.

Isn’t it amazing being able to keep up with your clients’ needs and wants, and being able to advertise your products to them while sitting in the comfort of your home or office? 

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    Africa Online Presence in Digital Marketing

    With the increase in internet accessibility on the African continent, online marketing and the presence of businesses in Africa should also be advanced.

    Social media involvement is increasing in Africa, which means that your clients are most likely using social media, through social media, we can redirect your visitors to your webpage, it is possible that some certainly forgot about your business, social media adverts are a reminder to your visitors but also a brand awareness opportunity to potential visitors and customers.

    We make use of social media adverts such as Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram to create brand awareness to potential customers, and remind already existing customers that your business is still there, but also we use social media to create strong backlinks for you, through our network of bloggers and influencers.

    Search Engine Advertising in Africa

    With the development of technology in the African continent and people use search engines to look for specific products. What is a better time to use search engine advertising?

    In this era where every decision is data centred, we don’t only base our decision on google ads, we also analyse things like your price compared to your competitors, we customise everything by using data science so that, everything on your page and adverts meets your target customers’ needs, and then we set up for you customised search engine advertising campaigns which target your the customers needed for your business.

    Search Engine Optimization for Africa

    Now at the centre of digital marketing is your website, mobile app, and social media, and that is where SEO comes in, with top rankings on search engines.

    SEO is not just the content on your website, SEO is more than that, In Africa where almost every business has a website, and people are using search engines to look for products and services, SEO is crucial to the web visibility of the business’s website.

    Our strategy includes going with you step by step until you reach your goal, this implies that we are there during content creation and development, we find the best backlinks for you and provide you with strong keywords that your customers are using on search engines, and this will rank your website top, on search engines.

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    Digital PR in Africa

    Digital PR in Africa is growing fast, with so many medias finding their way to the internet, 

    Now is the time to use the media to reach out to your clients and potential clients. We help your business create strong press releases backed up by data which will in return create news value and make it worth being posted by journalists, hence creating strong backlinks for your website and brand visibility to a bigger audience.

    Link Building in Africa

    What better way to give information to your customers than storytelling and blogging? But remember not every story or blog is worth reading; now for us, we believe that every story can be made good if tailored to your target customers’ needs and backed up by strong data. 

    Link building is at the heart of SEO, every website needs strong backlinks to rank high on search engines, as news websites are increasing in Africa so is our network of publishers, 

    With our SEO Link building strategy, we use links with the highest authority, which comes from news websites, and this is achievable through our network but also the creation of high-quality blogs.

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